Benders celebrates the retention of the supply of paper cups contract to AVS – the UK’s largest
vending group

Benders will continue to supply the AVS group with their paper vending cup requirements, over 50
million cups per annum, across the UK AVS are experiencing significant growth having expanded
their membership to include three new operators – Hallmark, Freshfast and Cambridgeshire
Vending. Louise Cummings, General Manager of AVS enthused:

“We very much enjoy our close relationship with Benders, who are a competitive UK manufacturer
of a quality product. AVS looks to support UK manufacturing as much as possible, which can be
challenging in a world where imports are cheap and readily available. We are very pleased to be
continuing the partnership and, indeed, providing more sales opportunities to Benders as AVS goes
from strength to strength”.

Ian Keeffe, Vending Sales Manager commented:

“Having personally managed the AVS account for some six years, I am delighted that we have
secured the supply agreement once again. Clearly the deal we proposed to AVS was an attractive
one, covering our whole range e developed to deliver progressive solutions to the vending sector”.

In addition to the current annual volumes we expect to see significant growth as a result of the
plastic to paper conversion activity many members are in the process of undertaking Ian remarked:

“With the greater quality of coffee available, contemporary branding and top quality machines in
the sector, the ability to provide drinks in a quality cup has also contributed to the growth in paper
cups replacing plastic within the AVS group and this rate of growth is set to increase.”

As well as plastic to paper conversions, the sales uplift can be attributed to the shift of vending
operators into new market sectors and increasing the use of table top dispensers. This format allows
operators to offer consumers an experience comparable to that on the high street, but with the
convenience of a vending machine. Ian commented:

“Benders has a comprehensive range of sizes and also insulated cups allowing diverse drinks menus
to be developed and offered, a benefit AVS were keen to take advantage of.”

All Benders cups are manufactured in the UK at their BRC Grade-A facility with full Chain of Custody
accreditation. All of Benders’ cups are manufactured using paperboard from PEFC-accredited
forests, sustainably managed and compliant with all European Timber Regulations and can be traced
back from the company’s production facility to the certified forest where it began its journey.

About the Author

Adrian Pratt
Vice Chairman of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycle Group (PCRRG)
Marketing Manager – Benders Paper Cups