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Benders Paper Cups Drives Plastic to Paper Conversion in the Vending Industry

Benders Paper Cups, a leading UK manufacturer of paper cup products, is currently leading the way for the vending industry’s plastic to paper cup conversion.


Benders Paper Cups manufactures a wide range of paper vending cups, in a selection of sizes, designed specifically to facilitate the vending industry’s provision of premium beverage dispensing.


Driven by the influence of high street coffee house culture, today’s coffee consumers demand a specific level of service quality from their hot drinks wherever they get them and the vending machine is no different, and this includes having them in a paper cup.


A UK poll commissioned by the Confederation of Paper Industries found that over half of people surveyed said they preferred to purchase drinks packaging in recyclable, paper-based materials, with 60% believing that their choice to shop for PEFC-labelled products makes a positive difference to the world’s forests.

Benders Paper Cups welcomed these findings, saying it is clear that these packaging choices should be a core consideration for companies, as they have a positive effect on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Benders can demonstrate the highest quality standards and environmental credentials across their product range. All cups are manufactured using paperboard from PEFC-accredited, sustainably managed forests. In fact, every cup comes with full Chain of Custody accreditation and can be traced back to the forest where it was originally harvested.


Adrian Pratt, Marketing Manager at Benders Paper Cups, commented: “We are committed to helping to introduce vending companies to new HoReCa channels and maximise their branding potential.


“With Benders leading the way in the development of paper cup technology, we are fast becoming the ‘go-to’ cup manufacturer for many of the vending industry’s key players.


“We will continue to develop our vending cup range, and promoting paper as the vending cup material of choice.”



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