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Connect Vending transitions from plastic to 100% paper with Benders Paper Cups

Connect Vending, one of the leading independent vending operators in England, has enlisted UK paper cup manufacturer Benders Paper Cups to facilitate the business’s transition to 100% paper hot cups for their range of hot drinks vending machines.

Connect Vending approached Benders looking to invest in a paper cup solution for their customers, which would offer what it called the “specialty coffee shop experience” of a paper cup, complete with bespoke branding and a quality feel, from the convenience of a vending machine.

Amanda Creed, Marketing Executive at Connect Vending, described the “specialty coffee shop experience”:

“Picking up your favourite hot drink in a sleek, branded paper cup while out on the high street has become an experience enjoyed by many. The concept of recycling and ‘going green’ make the idea of using paper cups especially appealing in our increasingly eco-conscious culture.

“The transition to 100% paper and endorsement of the specialty coffee drinking experience in our own machines will enable Connect to place ourselves at the forefront of the industry as a renowned provider of a higher-quality hot drinks vending experience.”

Benders Paper Cups commitment to sustainable material sourcing with Chain of Custody accreditation also endorses the Connect Vending strategy. Every cup can be traced back from the company’s BRC, Grade-A production facility in North Wales to the certified forest where it began its journey. Connect Vending have developed their own print with Benders to promote the ‘green story’ of their cup, right up to encouraging consumers to dispose of the cup so that it can be collected and 100% recycled.

Discussing the service Connect Vending received from Benders, Amanda said:

“I was incredibly happy with the service I received from Benders, and was particularly impressed with the due diligence exercised in material sourcing, and care that was taken to recreate our brand’s vision on a paper cup.

“When coupled with the great reception the cup received at the brand’s launch event, I couldn’t have asked for more.”

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