An Italian favourite, Lavazza is still as passionate about its coffee as it was in the early days of its inception, with a legacy of values that have been passed down across the generations within this inspirational family group. Five years after entering the vending market in the UK, the innovative, global brand continues to elevate the simple cup of coffee as bought from the vending machine and, with the help of long-term partner, Benders Paper Cups, prepares to take the experience on to a whole new sensory level as it now supplies Benders unique, multi-layered Super Insulated cup…

 With sales of its cups to the vending industry rising year-on-year, it comes as no surprise to find that UK-based manufacturer, Benders Paper Cups is the leading supplier of paper vending cups to the UK market. An obvious choice as a partner then for world coffee expert Lavazza when considering the UK vending market.

Lavazza needed no less than a premium cup brand to support its vending offering back in 2009 as it had high concept plans for the UK market and less superior products were not going to cut it in order for those plans to succeed. OCS and vending sales manager for Lavazza Coffee (UK), Sean Brent explains:  “For us to put our coffee in a vending environment, we had to straightaway make sure that we were offering something really special. We decided that we had to offer no less than the coffee shop experience – albeit direct from a vending machine – and, to do this, each ingredient in the mix, including the cup, became integral to the overall experience.”

“Besides being the leading supplier of paper vending cups to the UK market, Benders has a reputation for quality. We weren’t measuring on price or scale of enterprise but absolutely putting quality above all else when it came to a chosen supplier. Secondly, the company invests highly in education and training and, as a result of this, it is able to boast really good customer service. Quite simply, Benders has a really good team.”

“Over the years, we have worked on the concept of the coffee shop experience, also being mindful of what is important to the customer and what the end user wants too. For instance, we have witnessed a growing requirement for a larger cup size in the UK, mainly driven by High Street trends. Benders have produced 7oz, 9oz and 12oz cups to help us to meet this requirement and we will continue to develop our offering if the market should dictate further changes.”

The brand has now further developed its offering in the form of Benders’ unique multi-layered Super Insulated cup which can now be purchased directly from Lavazza. The Cantare stock design is produced using materials and technology that deliver top of the range performance and has been designed to provide the best experience for today’s discerning coffee drinker.

Marketing manager for Benders, Adrian Pratt is not surprised that Lavazza has chosen to include the cup in its offering: “With a high-quality print finish in matt and gloss and contemporary design options, the cup is designed to combine operational benefits with superior insulation performance, stronger walls and a sturdy, premium feel. The patented manufacturing process, which is exclusive to Benders in Europe, means that the cup retains its rigidity with no crushing of the air gap between the inner cup and the smooth printed exterior surface offering the best protection to both the consumer and the operator. Independent research has been conducted to test this and the results concluded that the Cantare Super Insulated hot cup can be held comfortably for over three minutes without the need to put it down.

“The cup feels the best and, basically, it looks the best so it’s about right that Lavazza is using it.”

Sean concludes: “We have a good relationship with Benders as there are a lot of shared values regarding quality and the desire for innovation in the mix. Our aim is to always be at the forefront of development and to work towards the most sustainable marketplace for vending operators. Benders’ products can and do help us to achieve that.”

Benders’ range includes super premium hot cups, barrier insulated cups, embossed cups, single wall bio-board cups, and single wall vending cups and single wall ‘coffee to go’ cups.

With a full Chain of Custody certification and compliance with stringent EU regulations on food contact, all of its cups are manufactured in the UK to high safety and ethical standards, using virgin paper board from PEFC certified sustainably managed forests to ensure that they do not damage the environment. The company is committed to minimising its waste and advocates effective recycling of all of its cups including those used in vending.



About the Author

Adrian Pratt
Vice Chairman of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycle Group (PCRRG)
Marketing Manager – Benders Paper Cups