Approximately 50 per cent of the cups that leading workplace refreshment expert, MannVend supplies to its loyal customer base are now paper. This is a first in a history that has successfully spanned four decades for the Isle of Man company and is indicative of  the changes that have been sweeping through the vending industry per se in recent years. The forward-thinking company is a firm advocate of printing on cups…

The top team members at MannVend are a canny lot. Early adopters of the supply of printed cups, they have actively promoted the sale of advertising space on the cups that they provide for many years. The company has long-recognised the opportunities offered by making full use of print on cups and is increasingly calling on leading paper cup company and long-term MannVend supplier, Benders Paper Cups to satisfy its customers’ changing needs.

Managing director of MannVend, Tracey Leahy believes that the changes in the cup requirements reflect the machines themselves: “The new generation of vending machine uses touch screen technology to give the user a totally different vending experience. These state of the art machines raise the expectation of the end user who envisages an all round better beverage. Bean to cup machines, for example, only use paper.

“A lot depends on the site of the machine as, for a lot of customers, the over-riding concern is to keep all costs as low as possible. The use of paper cups is definitely on the increase however and we value the products and the service that Benders provides us with. The quality of the design of the products and the company’s ability to meet our varying requirements with such flexibility are key to the longevity of our relationship.”

Benders has positioned itself as a trend-setter and innovator when it comes to quality printing – it was the first paper cup manufacturer in Europe to print QR codes – so it is the perfect partner for Mannvend. Tracey comments: “Printing on cups is an effective way of extending key messaging to the consumer and a valid use of space.

“Commercially, we can sell the advertising space the cup offers as well as the cup itself so it is a win-win scenario for us. As it is an integral part of our service offering, it is important that we do have the right cup supplier and we are appreciative of Benders’ pedigree in the area of quality printing and cup design.”

With custom print increasing significantly, the company recognises the growing importance to its customers of maximising their marketing opportunities as well as branding. Marketing manager for Benders, Adrian Pratt explains: “At Benders, we have the ability to print complex designs and can demonstrate a strong catalogue of knowledge and experience in this field. It is great to work with a company like MannVend who are such savvy marketeers and who place a high value on the quality of their print.”

Custom print and QR codes are available across the whole of Benders’ product range including its standard single wall vending cups. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, the company prints with water-based inks to reduce harmful effects to the environment.

Benders consolidated its position as number one supplier of paper vending cups to the UK market by introducing new manufacturing capacity in 2013 and has plans for further expansion in capacity. Now the paper cup manufacturing arm of the largest cup group in Europe, Benders’ range includes super premium hot cups, barrier insulated cups, single wall bio-board cups, single wall vending cups and single wall ‘coffee to go’ cups.

With a full Chain of Custody accreditation, all of its cups are manufactured in the UK, to high safety and ethical standards, using paper board from PEFC and FSC accredited sustainable managed forests to ensure that they do not damage the environment. The company is committed to minimising its waste and advocates effective recycling of all of its cups including those used in vending.