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Single Wall Vending Cups

Driven by the influence of the coffee house culture, our single wall paper cups are specifically designed to support the vending of premium hot drinks. As an industry specialist, we understand vending, and we understand that performance is key, which is why our vending cups’ design and construction is engineered for reliability.

Benders paper cups 9oz Verona vending cups

Single Wall Vending Cups

The deep, warm colour palette of the Verona vending cups fits seamlessly with coffee bar culture and the quality paper cups available on the high street. This enables operators to take full advantage of the growth in image and service quality today’s consumer wants.

  • Benders vending cups are manufactured using standard weight paperboard, with PEFC Chain of Custody certification and full compliance with EU Timber Regulations
  • An inner coating of food grade PE (polyethylene) to seal the vending machine cups and hold the beverage.
  • Benders vending cups can be custom printed in up to six colours of environmentally considerate water based inks. Click here for more information on printed paper cups.
  • The base is printed with Benders’ traceability code, so all vending cups can be traced back throughout the manufacturing process and subsequently to the forest it originated from.
  • A range of paper cup lids are available specifically made to fit these vending machine cups.

Single wall vending paper cup brebake section
Single wall vending paper cup print inner section
Single wall vending paper cup print outer section
Single wall vending paper cup base section


  • Rim roll

    Ultra-tight rim role, engineered for superior performance, to optimise side wall rigidity, ensure secure hand hold, and perfect 'snap-on' lid fit.

  • Inner coating

    Made from food grade PE (polyethylene).

  • Side wall

    Made from PEFC accredited sustainably sourced paperboard.

  • The base

    Printed with the Benders traceability code.


Design Product Code Size Brim Capacity ML Brim Diameter MM Pack Quantity Case Quantity Lids
Verona 8106819 15cl - 6oz 192 70.3 58 2610 Domed
Verona 8176813 18cl - 7oz Sqt 211 73.0 58 1000 Domed
Verona 8167818 18cl - 7oz Tall 210 70.3 50 2610 Domed
Verona 8187819 9oz Tall 254 73.0 50 1000 Domed
Verona 8112819 12oz Tall 281 80.0 37 740 Domed, Drink Through.
Verona 8112827 12oz S/S 281 80.2 55 1100 Domed, Drink Through.
Caffe 8106444 15cl-6oz 192 73.0 58 2610 Domed
Caffe 816744D 18cl - 7oz Tall 211 70.3 58 2610 Domed
Caffe 8177449 18cl - 7oz Sqt 210 73.0 50 1000 Domed
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