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Super Insulated Paper Cups

Super Insulated paper cups are unique to Benders. Featuring a contemporary design and the latest technology in paper cups for hot drinks, Super Insulated paper cups combine excellent temperature retention with superior paper cup rigidity to guarantee a quality drinking experience.

Benders 12oz Super insulated paper cups, Cantare paper cups for hot drinks

Super Insulated

Benders Super Insulated paper cups are unique multi-wall paper cups. This ensures the temperature of the drink is retained for longer. Research shows that on average, that Super Insulated paper cups can be held for twice as long as single wall paper cups, ensuring that they premium are the premium quality paper cups for hot drinks. 

  • Save 33% on stack height, ideal where storage space is at a premium
  • These paper cups for hot drinks feature a smooth outer wall facilitating full height paper cup printing, to maximise marketing opportunities. Click here for more information on printed paper cups.
  • These rigid multi-wall paper cups ensure no crushing of the air gap between the inner and outer wall, this maintains insulated paper cup performance.
  • Made in standard weight paperboard with PEFC Chain of Custody certification, and full compliance with EU Timber Regulations
  • The base is printed with Benders’ traceability code so these insulated paper cups can be traced back throughout the manufacturing process, and subsequently to the forest it originated from.
  • Available in a range of coffee to go, from 4oz paper espresso cups to 16oz multi-wall cups.
  • With a range of paper cup lids available specifically made to fit these insulated paper cups.

Super insulated paper cup prebake section
Super insulated paper cup print inner section
Super insulated paper cup print outer section
Super insulated paper cup base section


  • Rim roll

    Tightly rolled rim to optimise side wall rigidity, to ensure a good secure hand hold and perfect 'snap-on' lid fit.

  • Inner coating

    Made from food grade PE (Polyethylene).

  • Inner wall

    Made from PEFC accredited sustainably sourced paperboard.

  • Outer coating

    Made from food grade PE (Polyethylene), specially treated to create an insulating barrier.

  • Outer 'double wall'

    The technically advanced construction produces a multi-layered cup, delivering the benefit of heat insulation to both the operator and consumer.

  • The base

    Printed with the Benders traceability code.


Design Product Code Size Brim Capacity ML Brim Diameter MM Pack Quantity Case Quantity Lids
Cantare* 8204071 12cl-4oz 121 62.5 55 1540 Standard
Cantare 850907H 25cl - 8/9oz 281 80.2 28 560 Domed, Drink Through.
Cantare 851207J 34cl - 12oz 402 89.4 35 560 Domed, Drink Through.
Cantare 8536074 45cl - 16oz 520 89.4 25 400 Domed

*The 12cl/4oz cup available in single wall format to complement the range.

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