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Paper Cup Lids

Benders domed paper cup lids
Domed Paper Cups Lids
Domed paper cup lids are ideal for drinking on the go or foaming drinks, and are available in black and white with plug fit rims to ensure a safer, tighter seal. The increased height of the domed paper cups lids is equally perfect for foam-topped gourmet coffee.
Benders drink through paper cup lids
Drink Through Paper Cups Lids
Drink Through paper cup lids are used on paper cups for taking away hot drinks. Drink-through, lock tab paper cup lids contain an adjustable pre-scored flap, providing continued leak resistance. The reusable tab lifts easily and keeps drinks hotter for longer.
Benders standard paper cup lids
Standard Paper Cup Lids
Benders standard white paper cup lids provide a good seal and are easy to separate. Standard Benders paper cup lids provide a safe and practical way of drinking and are available for all paper cups for hot drinks, in a sleek and simple design.


Product Code Lid Type Colour Size Case Total
8695040 Standard White 12cl - 4oz 1000
8612099 Drink Through White 25/30cl - 8/9 & 10oz 2000
8612129 Drink Through White 34/45cl - 12/16oz 1000
8650063 Domed White 15/18cl - 6/7oz tall 1000
8650071 Domed White 18/25cl - 7oz squat/9oz tall 1000
8650098 Domed White 25/30cl - 8/9 & 10oz 1000
8650470 Domed C/C White 25/30cl - 8/9 & 10oz 1000
8650128 Domed White 34/45cl - 12/16oz 1000
8651477 Domed C/C White 34/45cl - 12/16oz 1000
8650160 Domed Embossed White 45cl - 16oz 1000
8650268 Domed Black 25/30cl - 8/9 & 10oz 1000
8651264 Domed Black 34/45cl - 12/16oz 1000
8656169 Domed Embossed Black 45cl - 16oz 1000
8657017 Dual Fit Domed Black 34/45cl - 12/16oz 1000
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