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  • Paper cups at the workplace

    Paper cups at the workplace

    A selection of paper coffee cups perfect for hot drinks at work, vending, restaurants, or break-out coffee bars.

    We help to deliver the high street experience to the workplace, whether your hot drinks are served by restaurant staff, from a self-service coffee bar or a vending machine, there is a paper cup from our range which can suit you and your business.

    • Industry leading advances with over 15 years of supplying the vending industry
    • A wide range of single wall and insulated cups available for at the workplace
    • Custom Print available on our full range of paper hot cups
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  • Paper cups on the go

    Paper cups on the go

    Whatever their walk of life, today's consumer is always On the Go, and seeking out that moment of pleasure from a quality cup of coffee.

    On the Go

    The on the go market is constantly changing, with a range from quick service restaurants to gourmet independent coffee brands who focus on quality over quantity. The customer’s enjoyment of the drink can be supported by a full range of quality stock products and design.

    • Available in a range of sizes from 4oz to 16oz
    • All of our cups are  PEFC certified, ensuring we only source from sustainable forestry
    • Custom print is available on our full range
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  • Paper cups for resale

    Paper cups for resale

    Managing the complexity of service and supply to the coffee shop market has never been more exacting; demanding the right product, at the right time, in the right place.

    We offer a fully comprehensive range for the wholesale market, whether this be our standard stock design, or a custom print with specially printed sleeves including coded barcodes, we will offer an all-inclusive service for all of our customer’s needs.

    • Full PEFC Chain of Custody certification on all of Benders’ paper cups
    • UK manufacturer with AA BRC grade accreditation
    • Optimised case formats for efficient pallet fill
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Paper cups for all your needs

We are a dedicated UK paper cup company who caters for all of your paper cup needs. Take a look below at our product range.

Paper Cups

Paper cups

We are proud of our range of paper cups , we offer a comprehensive range of vending cups and coffee to go cups including single wall and insulated options to cover your entire paper cup needs.

Paper Cup Lids

Paper cup lids

Ensuring a safe, tight seal, Benders’ cup lids specifically designed for our paper cups are ideal for drinks on the go. Our plug tight fit provides exceptional leak residence and can help your drink remain hotter for longer.

custom paper cup

Branded cups

Branded paper cups are the ideal way to communicate with your customer, whether promoting a campaign or seasonal message, it is the perfect way to get your brand quite literally into the hands of your consumer.


All of our paper cups are manufactured using sustainably sourced materials which full chain of custody certifications. We are also a founder member of the PCRRG (Paper Cup Recovery & Recycle Group) who are leading the de- velopment for paper cup recycling and a number of other initiatives surround- ing the sustainability of paper cups.

The cups we make can make your business

As a leading paper cup company we are dedicated to manufacture great quality paper cups to meet the need of a variety of service applications within the food service industry.


The success of our paper cups depends on the success of our people. We make sure that we create an environment where all of our employees are able to perform at their best.


We aim to attract and maintain a diverse employee base, with a wide variety of individual characteristics, perspectives and experiences in every part of our business.


Benders Paper Cups is a leading UK paper cup manufacturer which was founded over a century ago. As an evolving paper cup company we are extremely proud of our heritage, but most importantly, we are excited about the future.

Single Wall Vending

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  • Did you know that there is now the capacity to recycle every


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