Custom Printed Paper Cups

custom cup

Ideal for all our paper cup needs, our custom printed paper cup service helps promote your brand on any of our paper cups in our range, including our vending and insulated coffee cup range.  Our custom printed cups help with branding and promoting your business whilst boasting environmentally friendly features including water-paints inks used across the entire range. Call or email us to discuss your own printed cup need.

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Be Unique

A strong brand will make your company stand out. Custom print is the perfect solution.


Custom printed paper cups allow you to get your message directly into the hands of your customers. They are the perfect solution to build your brand awareness, or promote a seasonal message. Bespoke printed paper cups are powerful, flexible and deliver the message to where it matters most- right under the nose of your customer.


Today’s coffee drinkers are as aware of the design of their paper cups as much as the quality of their coffee. Branded paper cups can be used to create a drinking experience that not only educates the customer about your brand, but also promotes the tatse of your hot beverage, as the UK coffee industry now taste with their eyes.

Differentiation in the coffee bar market is now an integral part of a business’s success, and using a branded paper cup is a key component to achieve this. It creates a point of difference for a bran, business image or even a style of service, facilitation the creation of a distinct identity in otherwise saturated market…


We offer eight colour custom paper cup printing service on all paper cup sizes and ranges, printing line work, and process and screen work.

All paper cup printing is conducted using environmentally considerate water based inks- and Benders was the first European paper cup manufacturer to offer this benefit on the entire range of custom printed paper cups.

We manage all paper cup printing services and artwork in-house, using existing design and artwork if necessary to suit the process and range of paper cup, or create a brand concept from scratch.  All requirements can be discussed and we work with you to create the image you want and make the process as easy as possible. We work hard to make your ideas possible- our team welcomes a challenge.