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With 100 years of paper manufacturing experience, Benders Paper Cups are a reputed manufacturer offering bespoke and sustainable paper cups solutions to our valuable clients.


Customer service

Our ultimate goal continues to offer a high quality service and innovative products to you, the customer.

Quality service

Customer Service is our prime focus and business objective.

Trained staff

Our staff are our most valuable asset.

Our Team

100 years of paper manufacturing experience.

Customer Service Team

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    The favourite part of my job is achieving customer satisfaction and I would describe myself as methodical, reliable and quiet. If I had a personal motto is would be ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’.


    Favourite TV Series: Homeland

Isla Townsend

Customer services team manager

T: +44(0)1978 857252
F: +44(0)1978 855101

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    As a creative person, I love interior design, anyone who knows me knows I am constantly changing my house, which is why artwork is the favourite part of my job. If I could chose to be anywhere it would be Ibiza, the hotter the better. 


    Favourite Food: Anything Italian!

Emma Griffith

Artwork Coordinator

T: +44(0)1978 857220
F: +44(0)1978 855101

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    The people that know me would describe me as happy, friendly and a control freak with OCD tendencies. In my job I enjoy speaking to new and existing customers and building up strong relationships.


    What animal would you be?: Giraffe, would like to be tall for a day

Dawn Thomas

Customer Services Executive

T: +44(0)1978 857249
F: +44(0)1978 855101

Field Sales and Marketing

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    In my role I am constantly meeting new people, but I enjoy the face to face aspect of my role. I like to try and keep fit in my spare time, mainly by cycling and gym classes.


    Personal Motto:  Life is short, make the most of every opportunity 

Ian Keefe

Sales Manager – Vending

T: +44(0)1978 855661
F: +44(0)1978 855101

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    The best part of my job is getting a customer acknowledgement for a job well done. My favourite sport is football and I am a Loyal Liverpool Football Club fan. The three words that best describe me are caring, reliable and trustworthy.


    Personal Motto:  Don’t give up

Jonathan Smith

Sales Manager – Wholesale

T: +44(0)7584 311687
F: +44(0)1978 855101

  • null

    In my role there are never two days which are the same,I enjoy the variety, empowerment and challenges that arise. In my spare time I enjoy being outside, hiking/walking along with my two springer spaniels.


    Three Words that describe me: Competitive, conscientious and methodical

Adrian Pratt

Environment, Legislation and Marketing Manager

T: +44(0)7799 118627
F: +44(0)1978 855101

Operational Team

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    The best part of my job is seeing people grow, personally and professionally, which should be at the heart of all employment relationships. I’ve recently developed a hobby cycling after a 500km ride through Vietnam in April 2018.


    Favourite food: Any! I just love food

Julie Dunlop

HR Manager

T: +44(0)1978 857233
F: +44(0)1978 855101

  • null

    Meeting new people and developing relationships is a key part of what I do, I believe in reciprocal relationships. My favourite food is Spanish as it is so varied.


    Personal Motto:  You are only young once

Alan Burrows

Purchasing Manager

T: +44(0)1978 857234
F: +44(0)1978 855101

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    I’m fortunate to have one of the most interesting jobs in the company, I particularly enjoy the NPD work and developing new processes. I would describe myself as pedantic before my colleagues do, thorough and imaginative.


    Personal Motto:  Be better than yesterday

Allan Paterson

Technical & Development Manager

T: +44(0)1978 857232
F: +44(0)1978 855101

  • null

    I provide IT solutions to the business to support and contribute to it’s success. When I’m not at work my favourite place to be would be Greece or Spain, somewhere warm.


    Favourite food: Spanish/tapas, lots of smaller dishes to nibble on 

Howard Bradshaw

IT Manager

T: +44(0)1978 855661
F: +44(0)1978 855101

Management Team

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    The best part of my job is seeing people develop and take responsibility. My favourite activities are windsurfing and sailing, I have been windsurfing for nearly 40 years and I have had the fortune to travel all over the world.


    Personal Motto: Anything can be fixed, if in doubt check on YouTube

Andy Cunliffe

Managing Director

  • null

    I love every aspect of my job, everyday is a different challenge. When I’m not at work I like to spend my time with my friends and family with a good glass of wine.


    Three words that describe me:  Kind, Honest and Fair

Claire Dobbins

Finance Director

T: +44(0)1978 857272
F: +44(0)1978 855101

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