Paper Hot Cups

Purchase paper hot cups suitable for all your hot beverage needs. We have a full range of insulated, single wall and vending cups for hot coffees, tea’s or chocolates. As well as our standard stock designs, we offer 100% custom printed paper cups across the entire range.

Single cup

All of cups are manufactured using only PEFC certified board. By sourcing PEFC board, we are supporting sustainably managed forests globally.

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We’ve combined high performance insulation technology with elegant designs to create the go-to paper cups of the foodservice sector.

Single Wall Vending Cups

When it comes to the perfect paper cup for you vending machine, performance is key. Our vending range is manufactured to help reduce blockages and machine costs.

Single wall paper cups

Benders Single Wall paper cups work in any service situation. Available in the iconic caffe design for ease or why not add your design to this cup to catch your customers attention?

Embossed Paper Cups

Facilitating drinking on the move, Benders Embossed double wall disposable paper cup delivers an elegant design combined with easy cup separation, perfect for on the go.

Elementi Single Wall Paper Cups

Designed to satisfy the discerning needs of the food service industry, Benders Elementi Single wall paper cup offers a biodegradable PLA alternative to the range.

Twin Wall Paper Cups

Benders Parma Twin Wall cup provides the discerning coffee drinker with a first class drinking experience combining a secure hand hold and great drink insulation.