Benders Paper Cups has supplied a full range of paper hot cups into wholesaler Alliance for many years. Alliance with its roots in HoReCa looking to establish a point of difference in the market, have been working with Benders on the unique Double Wall Embossed Insulated Hot Cup, developing a printed cup to help them grow their share of the speciality coffee channel.

Custom print is seen as the perfect solution to build awareness of the new Alliance initiative as it delivers the message to where it matters most. Alliance have partnered with Benders Paper Cups to develop a print that is both uniquely recognisable and ensures broad appeal in what is a developing channel for Alliance.

Benders account manager Jonathan Smith explained:

“This was the first occasion Alliance had considered offering a bespoke print to develop a new market channel. The brief was challenging, to develop a print that conveyed the qualities of the unique drinking experience all discerning consumers expect”.

Recognising this, Alliance Category Manager Jenny Pessol explained:

“The instant I held the Embossed hot cup I liked it, particularly the distinctive squat style 12oz. The cup has a unique chunky feel when held, is made locally with all of the recognised industry accreditations Alliance observe so the decision was an easy one for us to make”.

Jenny went on to say:

“We wanted to ensure we had a unique easily recognised cup that appealed to a broad market helping us develop the channel.

We decided to include three separate colourways in the same sleeve to add interest and appeal at the point of use. The design incorporates both a PEFC and Made in UK statement prominently positioned down the seam of each cup giving us a point of recognition as well as the quality and traceability guarantees we know our customer base expects and demands”.

 Jonathan commented: “The elegant swirl Emboss compliments the print and the full height of the cup can be printed ensuring Alliance maximised their new brand message, in short, it truly can be printed as effectively as a smooth wall cup making it different from ‘ripple’ alternatives”.

The double wall Embossed cup has been developed to optimise stack height, resulting in compact case sizes ensuring efficient use of storage space. Like all cups in the Benders range, the Embossed Insulated Hot Cup carries the confidence of a full PEFC certification, demonstrating the meticulous attention to material sourcing at Benders.

Benders demonstrate an unrivalled understanding of local market issues and the ability to respond quickly to them. Benders’ range includes Super Premium hot cups, Barrier Insulated cups, Embossed Double Wall cups, Single Wall Bio-Board cups, Single Wall Vending Cups and Single Wall ‘Coffee to Go’ cups.

With a full Chain of Custody certification and compliance with stringent EU regulations on food contact, all of its cups are manufactured in the UK to high safety and ethical standards, using virgin paper board from PEFC certified sustainably managed forests to ensure that they do not damage the environment. The company is committed to minimising its waste and advocates effective recycling of all of its cups.



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Technical Manager- Benders Paper Cups
BSc Product Design- Edinburgh Napier University
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