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Benders Paper Cups Supports Broderick's Social Media Campaign with Bespoke Print Design

Benders Paper Cups, a leading UK manufacturer of paper cup products is supplying Broderick’s with a bespoke social media print design for their paper cups, for vending and coffee to-go use.

Broderick’s asked Benders to manufacture paper cups to promote the company’s emergence into the world of social media, to be stocked in Broderick’s vending machines and in their burgeoning selection of coffee shops across the UK.
This is the first time Broderick’s have used a custom print cup to support their social media campaign, a concept that John Broderick, MD at Broderick’s, says is his company’s top priority for the foreseeable future.
He said: “Social media is at the forefront of the interactive world, and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are where everyone is interacting the most – sharing stories and experiences with the world instantly.
“We needed to appeal to this next generation of interactive vending users on their own terms, and use this incredible opportunity, directly at the point of sale, to engage with them.
“Paper cups are a prolific sales tool for marketing to our customers, right in the palm of their hands. Every time a customer uses one of our machines and takes a moment out of their day to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, we instantly encourage them to connect with us and interact on an accessible social media platform that’s relevant to their daily lives.
“This open up a dialogue between Broderick’s and our customers, inviting people to post selfies of themselves using cups in their workplaces, share their thoughts about their Broderick’s coffee experience, and participate in our social media promotions – all reinforcing the identity of and loyalty to the Broderick’s brand.”
Ian Keeffe, Sales Manager at Benders commented: “Having recently introduced ourselves into the world of social media, the project with Broderick’s was a particularly interesting one for us to work on, as it directly links with our own social media marketing focus for the months ahead.
“The number of people using social media to share and communicate is constantly growing, and it’s incredibly important for brands across the expansive catering and vending industry to reap the benefit this can bring for brand promotion.
“The combination of the flexibility of the cup, engaging print design and social media message reinforces Broderick’s brand image, and invites the user to share their coffee experience in a seamless way that relates directly to them.”

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