By recycling we can change tomorrow today

Sustainable Paper Board

Our paper cups begin their life in sustainably managed forests. For every tree that is used to create our paperboard, another 3-4 are planted.

Manufacture (that’s us!)

The materials are then transported to our facility, which is zero waste to landfill. 99% of all waste is recycled, and 1% is energy created from waste.


Our paper cups are then delivered to retailers and wholesalers such as coffee shops and vending businesses all over Europe.


The cups then reach the consumers who get to enjoy their hot beverages in the most sustainable and safe way for drinks on the go.

Waste Management Collection

We are proud to have supported the establishment of over 4000 cup collection points in 2016/ 2017 and will continue working on this important issue.

Waste Management Sorting

Once the waste has been collected, it is sorted and then re-distributed to it’s final destination in it’s recycling journey.

Fibre Recovery Facility

Here, the fibre is recovered from the paper cups which can then finally be passed on to begin it’s new life as repurposed paperboard.

Paperboard Reprocessed

Once our paper cups have finished their journey and have been returned to useable paperboard, they are then used for many different non-food related packaging items that you will see everyday.

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