As the first paper cup manufacturer in Europe to print QR codes, Wrexham based Benders Paper Cups has firmly positioned itself as a leader and innovator when it comes to quality printing. The leading paper cup company is building on this reputation, secured by over 40 years of delivering print solutions to its customers, with QR coding being the latest extension of this, providing a means for both vending and catering clients to enter into immediate dialogue with their customers using this flexible, current method of communication which is highly relevant to today’s fast-paced ‘technology savvy’ market.

Benders understands the growing importance to its customers of branding and is keen to help them take advantage of the marketing and communication opportunities its paper cups offer. Marketing manager for Benders, Adrian Pratt explains: “More and more companies are now choosing to develop their own custom print and, for these businesses, scanning QR codes opens up a whole new world to managing, and communicating with,their customers. At Benders, we have the ability to print complex designs and can demonstrate a strong catalogue of knowledge and experience in this field. Print can be used very creatively and dynamically and we are keen to help and assist our customers in the many ways they can promote their businesses and provide further value and incentives for their customers.

“Print can also be used to endorse and drive the customer’s branding and so the benefits are huge. QR codes in particular present a great opportunity as they can be matched on a company’s website with downloadable links to create extremely powerful promotional mechanics. It’s a chance to encourage customer loyalty and repeated purchases,give relevant information about certain product ranges and strengthen the customer relationship.”

Custom print and QR codes are available across the whole of Benders’ product range including its standard single wall vending cups. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, the company prints with water-based inks to reduce harmful effects to the environment.

Benders consolidated its position as number one supplier of paper vending cups to the UK market by introducing new manufacturing capacity in 2013 and has plans for further expansion in capacity. Adrian adds: “The use of paper cups allows more versatility for print options and more and more vending operators  are recognising the power of simple branding.”

Now the paper cup manufacturing arm of the largest cup group in Europe, Benders’ range includes super premium hot cups, barrier insulated cups, single wall bio-board cups, single wall vending cups and single wall ‘coffee to go’ cups.

With a full ‘Chain of Custody’ accreditation, all of its cups are manufactured in the UK using paper board from PEFC and FSC accredited sustainable managed forests.