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Single Wall Paper Cups

Benders Caffe collection of single wall paper cups is recognised as one of the most iconic designs. The rich colours and easy styling enables the Benders single wall paper cup to work well in all high street outlets and service styles, from gourmet to everyday.

Benders Caffe 8/9oz single wall paper cups

Single Wall Paper Cups

Available in a wide range of serving sizes, from 4oz – ideal as paper espresso cups - though to 16oz, in Coffee to Go and Vending formats. It is the ubiquitous single wall paper cup, and made in the UK in our BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, A-Grade Certified factory.

  • The single wall paper cup is made in standard weight paperboard, with PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody certification and full compliance with EU Timber Regulations
  • An inner coating of food grade PE (polyethylene) to seal the single wall paper cup and  securely hold the hot drink
  • Single wall paper cups can be custom printed in up to six colours of environmentally-considerate water-based inks. Click here for more information on printed paper cups.
  • The base is printed with Benders’ traceability code so the single wall paper cup can be traced back throughout the manufacturing process and subsequently to the forest it originated from
  • Available in a range of sizes, from 4oz paper espresso cups to 16oz single wall paper cups for drinking on the go.
  • A range of paper cup lids are available specifically made to fit these single wall paper cups.

Single wall paper cup prebake section
Single wall paper cup print inner section
Single wall paper cup print outer section
Single wall paper cup base section


  • Rim roll

    Tightly rolled rim to optimise side wall rigidity, to ensure a good secure hand hold and perfect 'snap-on' lid fit.

  • Inner coating

    Made from food grade PE (polyethylene).

  • Side wall

    Made from PEFC accredited sustainably sourced paperboard, with custom printing options.

  • The base

    Printed with the Benders traceability code.


Design Product Code Size Brim Capacity ML Brim Diameter MM Pack Quantity Case Quantity Lids
Caffe 820444G 12cl - 4oz 121 62.5 55 1540 Standard
Caffe 8106444 15cl - 6oz 192 70.3 58 2610 Domed
Caffe 8177449 18cl-7oz sqt 210 73.0 50 1000 Domed
Caffe 816744D 20cl-7oz tall 211 70.3 58 2610 Domed
Caffe 8209448 25cl - 8/9oz 281 80.2 50 1000 Domed, Drink Through.
Caffe 821044G 30cl - 10oz 340 80.2 36 1260 Domed, Drink Through.
Caffe 821244K 34cl - 12oz 402 89.4 45 1260 Domed, Drink Through.
Caffe 8216444 45cl - 16oz 520 89.4 50 1000 Domed, Drink Through.
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